The summer of 2016 was the start of a new chapter in Fnatic’s CS:GO story. Five outstanding talents joined our ranks in our Academy team, a project designed to hone a new set of prospects; young blood that could perhaps compete with our senior side one day.

The Academy quickly surpassed even our own expectations. Now, for the first time we see two Fnatic lineups in the HLTV top 30; we’re witnessing a meteoric rise in confidence and ability, capped off in fine fashion with the team’s first tournament win at the inaugural China Top.

It is with regret though that we must announce the departure of Aleksandar ‘JayzaR’ Zarkovic. From the very beginning of this endeavour we have seen wonderful things from the sniper, whose gameplay only seems to be matched by his flair.

Six months ago I got the opportunity to be a part of Fnatic’s Academy Team. I signed for the team because I saw big potential in the idea and the players. During these months I had the most special moments and biggest CSGO results of my career. Most memorable of course, our win at the last event we attended in Shenzhen, China Top.

I want to thank the players and the coach; my friends and I shared an amazing time together and great experiences that I will always carry with me. I wish all of you the best of success in all your future endeavours. A special thanks as well to Fnatic as an organisation – very professional; I am honoured to have been representing them.
I have high ambitions for my career and I will now be exploring other opportunities. I’m super excited and I look forward to future challenges.

– Aleksandar ‘JayzaR’ Zarkovic